2016 – Northern Endeavours

The 2016 conference, named “Northern Endeavours” will be happening from Friday, October 28th to Saturday, October 29th. The theme this year focuses around the local aerospace industry as we will be hosting a series of speakers who are leaders in the Canadian aerospace industry. Also, for the first time, TSAA will be holding a Case Competition at this event!

What is the TSAA conference?

TSAA (Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace) is an inter-university student organization striving to promote the advancement of aerospace through student leadership and initiative. The organization looks to host an annual conference with talks from industry leading professionals, innovators, and ambitious students with the goal of inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. This TSAA conference is designed to facilitate a dialogue between aerospace students and industry professionals about how, by getting more involved, students can better supplement their education, prepare for entry into the workforce, and make meaningful contributions to the aerospace industry.