Presently, Ken Mah is the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Programs for Lynch Group of Companies. Focused on hydraulic, motion control solutions and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Lynch is recognized as a role model for Canadian SMEs who are centers of global excellence for their market niches. His responsibilities include sales, marketing as well as program management for strategic accounts including National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Ken worked in the mining and oil industry in the northern parts of Canada including: The Yukon, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. His experience includes exploration, mineral processing, manufacturing, metallurgical operations in both hard and soft rock.

With a career migrating into the Information Technology space, Ken’s duties ranged from technical service, support and sales with an overseas posting in the Far East supporting China, Taiwan, Japan, Korean markets. During his tenure, he helped close, deliver and program manage multi-million dollar projects sponsored by UNDP and The World Bank.

Senior Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Consultant for GE Capital IT Solutions followed by experiences with Northrop Grumman, eBRP Software Solutions provides real world value to organizations. With expertise for intangibles, enterprise wide issues, and disruptive technology sales in unique environments, Ken’s real strength is his strong interpersonal (Soft) skills.

Ken is married with two children. He volunteers for the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation, Skate Canada and teaches Professional Sales & Communications at local colleges.

Jon Novacek

Jon Novacek is currently the Systems Engineering Manager at Safran Electronics and Defense in Peterborough.  He graduated from the University of Toronto Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2002 and has been with Safran ever since.  Jon lives in Peterborough, with his wife Katie and two sons Corban age 7 and Evan age 5.  When he’s not chasing his kids around, Jon enjoys playing Volleyball and Golf as well as wood working.

During his work with Safran, Jon has focused and the design, development and manufacturing of Electronic Control Systems for the commercial and military aerospace markets; including Engine Control, Landing Gear Control, Electronic Braking and Steering.  Jon has experience working in several fundamental areas of the development process for aerospace control units including architecture, hardware and software design, safety analysis, certification and entry into service.  In his current role, he is responsible for the system architecture and safety aspects of new product developments and defining technical proposals for future business.

Shane Xu

Shane Xu brings over 6 years of aerospace experience at Bombardier, developing flight simulators, testing models in wind-tunnel, assessing aircraft Stability & Control, and supporting flight-test of CSeries and Global 7000 aircraft. Passionate about convergence of engineering and business, Shane is experienced in using the data-analytics to model and identify market opportunities and accelerate business growth. In particular, he has extensive experience in capital intensive industries, such as manufacturing, construction and energy.

Ramzi Kaiache

With diverse engineering and management experience in oilfield, aerospace and finance, Ramzi Kaiache worked at Bombardier as an Aerospace Engineer, developing CSeries and Global7000’s aerodynamic models, systems, CLAWs and flight-simulators. Ramzi also worked as Project Manager for CSeries program during its entry-into-service, helping clients make best use of the new aircraft through managing crew training, parts availability and post-delivery sales support.

Shane and Ramzi will be speaking at the TSAA Conference on behalf of the Aerospace Society.


Andreas is Director of Rocketry for the University of Toronto Aerospace Team (UTAT), an ambitious and dynamic group committed to challenging the status quo of what can be achieved by a student design team. UTAT Rocketry develops, tests, and flies its own supersonic hybrid sounding rockets and is currently designing what will be the greatest amateur rocket ever flown on Canadian soil with the goal of shattering the Canadian altitude record of 14.3 km (AGL). Andreas is a firm believer in the necessity of technical extra-curricular experience to the aspiring engineer and seeks to foster an excited and sustainable team culture through meaningful and challenging projects.

He obtained his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick and is a full-time Masters student at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. There, at the Space Flight Laboratory, Andreas works on pre-flight diagnostics tools for the HawkEye 360 microsatellite constellation, and developed software for the Vector Gravimeter for Asteroids (VEGA), an instrument with space mining applications. Prior to this he interned at MDA as a mechanical designer for satellite antennas. In 2017, Andreas had the privilege of representing Canada at the Caltech Space Challenge in which he was part of a diverse team of experts devising a sustainable solution to solar system exploration through the development of a launch and supply station from the surface of the moon. He hopes to one day contribute to the inevitable transition of humanity to a multiplanetary species through the development of increasingly reliable and affordable launch vehicles for access to space.

Tareq Samak

Tareq Samak is an international student currently in his second year of Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University. He holds an Aircraft Design Course Certification given to him by CASI – Toronto Branch. Outside of school, Tareq is a member of the Ryerson Aero Design Team, where he is a member of the Fuselage Design Team. In addition, Tareq has been a Communications Associate at CASI – Ryerson Branch since 2017.

Braedon Hoekstra

Braedon Hoekstra is from St. Thomas Ontario. She is in her third year of Aerospace
Engineering at Ryerson University. In high school she was on the FIRST Robotics
Team 4525. She is a Schulich Scholarship Nominee and a Hugh O’Brian Youth
Leadership Alumni. Braedon is currently on the Ryerson CanSat Team as well as
being the Outreach Associate for CASI Ryerson Branch.

Tareq and Braedon will be speaking at the TSAA Conference on behalf of CASI Ryerson.

Jeremy Wang

Jeremy Wang is the CTO and R&D Founder of The Sky Guys, Canada’s leading provider of drone services and technology for heavy industry and government applications. Jeremy is responsible for a wide range of business, technical leadership, and systems engineering for TSG’s portfolio of multirotor and long-range UAV projects. Most recently, his team partnered with MTO on the developing and testing UAVs for infrastructure inspections, first response, and enforcement on Ontario’s 400-series highways. Previously, Jeremy spent four years with the University of Toronto Aerospace Team (UTAT). He also interned at the German space agency’s institute for space propulsion, and led systems and policy analysis for on-orbit servicing at the Space Generation Advisory Council to the UN Programme on Space Applications. In 2016, Jeremy was selected as one of Canada’s Next 36 highest potential young entrepreneurs, and in 2018, Jeremy was inducted as one of “Tomorrow’s Aerospace Engineering Leaders: The 20 Twenties” by the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics. Jeremy is a fourth-year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto, and will be pursuing graduate studies in aerospace fluid mechanics at the University of Waterloo in Fall 2018.