Ridwan Howlader

Ridwan Howlader is the University of Toronto Director for Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace. He is an Electrical & Computer Engineering Student currently on his Professional Experience Year (PEY Co-op). Ridwan is a multidisciplinary leader who is passionate about motivating positive change and facilitating growth of high-impact teams. His involvement with aerospace student activities has inspired him to ultimately create a sustainable platform for educational, leadership, and engineering practices.

As the U of T Director, Ridwan works the rest of the executive team to provide opportunities for undergraduate students in aerospace (and other STEM) fields as well as foster a growing and enthusiastic community of bright students.

Victor Ngo

Victor Ngo is the Ryerson Director for Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace. He is an Electrical Engineering student, currently working as an Automation and Connected Factory Intern at Celestica International. His interests include game design and microcontroller projects.

As the Ryerson Director, Victor strives to advance the aerospace community in Ryerson and UofT to new heights. He wishes to bridge the gap between students and aerospace industry professionals by providing students with opportunities where they can meet a variety of individuals and learn more about their interested field.


Rihen Christian

Rihen Christian finished his third year of mechanical engineering from Ryerson University and is currently working as a Mechanical Engineering Intern at EM Dynamics. Rihen hopes to provide creative and effective solutions to some of the engineering problems of the world through his training.

As a member of the logistics team of TSAA, Rihen hopes to provide a space for aerospace professionals and students share and inspire ideas.

Liliana Ao Zhang 

Liliana Lyn Ao Zhang is a second year Electrical Engineering student at Ryerson University, currently working as a Quality System Analyst Intern at Oxilight. Within her interests, lies the curiosity to learn more about aerospace, electronics and nanotechnology.

As a member of the Logistics Committee, Liliana is looking forward to partake in the effort of bringing more awareness and broadening the knowledge regarding the aerospace industry among fellow students through the upcoming events the team is organizing.

Jackson Ngo 

Jackson Ngo is a second year Material Science and Engineering student at the University of Toronto. He is currently working as a teaching assistant for the Department of Mathematics at his university. He is interested in furthering nuclear energy via fusion research through the lens of material science and nanotechnology. He hopes that through his work, a new method of powering future space vehicles can be devised, pushing the frontier even further.

As a member of the Logistics Team, Jackson hopes to inspire others to pursue a career in the growing industry of aerospace through careful planning and bringing professionals directly to centre stage to speak with eager students.


Ashley Lomibao 

Ashley Lomibao is a second year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto, currently interested in the Aerospace option of her program. From an early age, the exploration of space and design of aircraft was a passion that has led her to commence her studies in this area of specialization.

As a member of the Marketing Team, Ashley strives to increase the awareness and participation in TSAA events in order to encourage interaction among students and professionals and to allow students an opportunity to further their knowledge of the aerospace industry and its members’ career paths and decisions.

Zune Rahman

Zune Rahman is a second year Computer Engineering student at Ryerson University. Since middle school, he had a keen interest in computers and how different parts are conjoined together. He is specifically interested in creating microelectronics.

As a member of the Marketing Team, it is in Zune’s best interests to raise awareness for TSAA as it allows students to advance their knowledge of the professional Aerospace industry, as well as give them opportunities to showcase their talents to the world outside of their university.


Jameson Nguyen – University of Toronto chemical engineering student.

Sepand Tahamtan

Sepand Tahamtan is a third year Aerospace Engineering student at Ryerson University. Some of his interests include the design and manufacturing of track cars, deep space exploration and current technological advancements.

As a member of the business team, Sepand aims to accumulate the required revenue to provide his fellow undergraduate classmates with multiple opportunities to network with a variety of companies in the professional Aerospace industry. He wishes to ensure that no one graduates without a solid understanding of the professional industry.

Adrian Gamrat – Ryerson University electrical engineering student.

Shubhankar Verma

Shubhankar Verma is a third year Aerospace Engineering student at Ryerson University. His interests include RC plane design and research, specifically in the optimisations of various wing shapes and designs.

As a member of the business team, Shubhankar is determined to bring forth events that can provide a way for students and professionals to interact and share their thoughts as well as gain knowledge about the industry.

Elif Çelik 

Elif Celik is a first year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto. Elif has always been passionate about Aerospace; even before she started her studies at the University of Toronto, she was fascinated by the way airplanes and rockets worked.

As a member of the Business Development Team, Elif hopes to enrich people’s knowledge on Aerospace by organizing events where the attendees will get a chance to hear straight from the field’s professionals. She also seeks to inspire other students to pursue this path and strives to guide them towards the starts of their prospective careers in Aerospace.

Chetanya Choudhary

Chetanya Choudhary is the Director of Business Development at Toronto Students Advancing Aerospace. His passion for aerospace has led him to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto. Chetanya believes in change through scientific innovation and business, which has led him to establish a start-up that developed portable water-purification devices for Africa and his own design team tackling interplanetary space colonization challenges. Looking to advance undergraduate involvement in the exciting aerospace industry, Chetanya is eager to bring TSAA’s mission forward by working closely with valued industry partners and creating valuable opportunities for companies, students and everyone in between.


Victor Ngo

Adrian Gamrat

Mark Wurzel – University of Toronto electrical and computer engineering student.


Rihen Christian

Hariharan Kumar

Hari̇haran Kumar (Harish) is a second year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Toronto. Harish is interested to specialize in Manufacturing (Aerospace and Robotics). His interests include designing, mathematics, chemistry and business.

As the Director of Competitions, Harish is interested in conducting events, workshops and competitions over the year.